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Background: Business Management.  Accounting, Computer Sales and Servicing.  Involved in many Network Marketing Companies. Voluntary  in  Non-Profit  Organizations.  Two Awards from the city of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. Hairstyling and Aesthetics  - Number One Student in St. Francis Xavier- also  received three Medals of Honor. Plus a Trophy for outstanding award for Hair and Makeup.  Hair and Makeup award for two plays – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”  and “The little Mermaid”. Business Entrepreneur in Middle School.



Certifications: Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Ontario Scholar,  Technological Education Certificate, Supercharge your old computer, Windows 10: Free Upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1, Meet your brain: a short introduction to neuroscience, Introduction to Cloud Computing, Accounting in 60 Minutes - A Brief Introduction, The Complete Guide to iOS 7 - iPhone Edition, The Complete Guide to iOS 7 - iPad Edition, The Complete Guide to iOS 6 for iPhone iPad Literacy 101, The Complete Guide to iOS 6 for iPad, OSX Mountain Lion, Thermal Modeling of Solar Energy Systems, advocate series lectures // the mifi device, Introduction to FPGA's and prototyping with the Elbert, JavaScript Robotics: An Introduction to Cylon JS, DIY with Arduino - 5 Simple Projects to Get You Started, Artificial Intelligence with Arduinos, C++ lite edition Glimpse for beginners, Easily Learn HTML 5 From Scratch, Learn AJAX with PHP from Scratch using jQuery, Create An HTML5 Video Player From Scratch, Web Development Fundamentals Using Javascript, WordPress Fundamentals And Configuration, Learn how to use all Java keywords, Write your First Computer Program, Windows Unattended Installation - Part 1, Introduction to Wireless Communications, Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications, Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition Jump Start, Cyber Security, Mastering FTP, IP Addressing and Subnetting,  Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home, Tech Basics: Cables & Connectors, Learn KiCad Printed Circuit Board Design, Creating a Tab Interaction in Articulate Storyline,        Mobile, PC Tech Tips by Computer Era Telugu Game Apps - How To Make Games For iPhone, Android, Windows, SOC Verification using System Verilog, Introduction to networking for complete beginners,  Cisco Careers: Want to Earn 100K+ as a Cisco Engineer? Jailbreaking Strategies and Secrets for iOS 8 and Others, Draw a Kitten, 2015 Tech - Chrome Extensions, MS PowerPoint Training for Beginners - 2 Minute Videos, Blender Recipes: 19 Amazing Recipes for Your Blender,  C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1
Mobile App Design: From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes, Command Line Essentials: Git Bash for Windows


Technical Expertise:

Computer Technician -  Repairing and Servicing Computers, Laptop Repair and Cellphone Repair.
Computer Programmer – Java, C++, Visual Basic
Accounting – Book Keeping, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Financial Statements.
Training -  in Computer Courses, Hairstyling, Aesthetics and Design Courses.
Running a Hairstyling and Aesthetics Salon.
Running a Restaurant- Designing and preparing Menus.
Sales- in Home Hardware, Computer Sales, Drapery Sales, Natural Products, Home Furnishings, Kitchen Supplies,  Canteen Sales,  and Books Sales.
Foot Spa and Ion Detox Technician. 
Avazzia Scanner Technician to relieve pain.
Sewing Embroidery
Math Tutoring/Coaching


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