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Sales, Marketing, Training  and have been involved in managing and owning many types of businesses; from a Gift Shop, Sub Post Office, Florist Shop,  Alternative Healing Centre, Business Consultant, Computer Consultant, Computer Retail Businesses and Computer Training Schools with International locations. Our Computer Training Schools   provided training for the Canada Government Employment, Social Service, Ontario Disability and many Foreign Students. Received Top Recognitions from International Computer Manufacturers for Awards of Excellence. Management, Marketing and Distribution of Bread. Over 23 Years of Business and Computer Experience




Technical Expertise


Management of a Computer Business

Accounting – Book Keeping, Inventory Control, Invoicing and System Design.

Training in Computer Courses.

Teacher and Mentor .

Sales in Home Hardware.

Computer Sales.

Natural Products,  Foot Spa and Ion Detox Technician.  

Import and Export.

MLM Leader.

Business and Computer Consulting.


Technical Expertise

Software (OS) : Atari OS, Commodore OS, TRS 80 OS, Interact OS, PDP OS, VAX OS and Cyber OS and  MS Dos 3.2 - 6.22, Windows 3.1/3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, All versions of Windows ( 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 ),  Windows NT and Win 2000. 

Networking:  Installation & configuration of NICs, including PNP, Network   

                            terminology, configured Artisoft’s Lantastic networks, 

                            Windows for Workgroups, Novel Lite/Personal & Novell 3.12,

                            Windows 95/98, Windows NT Server/Workstation, Workstation

                            and Windows 95, XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10 computers as clients.  Cabling and

                            wiring installations of RG58, RG59, RJ11 and RJ45 cables.

Internet:     Internet & Intranet concepts, Web page authoring, HTML

                       programming, FTP, Website Designing.                                  

                       Browsers: Netscape, Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

Equipment:   Familiar with a wide range of Manufacturers and their products some include:
                            IBM,                                 AST,    
                            Aptiva,                             Packard Bell,
                            Compaq,                         HP,
                            NEC,                                Epson,
                            DELL,                              Canon,
                            Micron,                            3Com,

                            Adaptec,                         Intel,
                            Cyrix,                               AMD,
                            Microsoft,                       Lotus, 
                            Sony,                               Panasonic,
                            QMS,                               Samsung,
                            Seagate,                         Quantum,
                            Fujitsu,                            SMC,
                            Toshiba,                          US Robotics,
                            Supra,                             Western Digital,
                            Conner,                           Maxtor,
                            Corel … 


Proven Training: Taught Courses on Internet and Web Page Design,       

                                    Introduction to the Computers,  Windows all versions from 3.1 

                                    onwards, Networking Concepts, Computer Technician 

                                    ( Including Assembly of Computers ), Microsoft Office,  Using

                                    Email and IT Courses. Operating  a Business ( Including  

                                    Setting up, Advertising, Accounting, Purchasing, Inventory

                                    Control, Marketing, Point of Sale, and Management )

                                    Sales, Motivation Training, Network Marketing (MLM), 

                                    English Courses,  Alternative Healing, and  etc.                       




Programming: Atari Basic, Interact Basic, TRS 80 Basic, Microsoft Basic,

                               VAX Basic, Cyber Basic, Visual Basic, GW Basic, Dbase,

                              JCL,  Microsoft Access,  and Batch Files.

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